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GetSetUK the British office of International Education Consultants Getset. Established in the early 1990’s we have long experience of helping students. We have offices in 3 countries. Unlike most we have a UK office.

We offer  free consultancy services to International Students who want to study in the United Kingdom. We will help you from the start of the application process until you start your education here. If you live in or outside the United Kingdom we will help you.

Each year we help students achieve their goals.


Hi welcome to our new web site. It’s not only a new web site but a new home for us!

We have moved to Manchester and the Northern Quarter. You guys made us so busy we needed a bigger home. It is closer too for most of you to drop in and see us.

Just call to make sure we are in and come visit us. We can give you advice and help about your future education. Help you browse the web on our computers or bring your own. Have a chat, get advice on writing your personal statement.

For those of you who don’t know it the Northern Quarter is lively with lots of good coffee bars and shops.


  1. BulletIf you want to learn or study in English. The United Kingdom-the obvious choice. The place where English started!

  2. BulletThe quality and standards of an education in the UK

  3. BulletThe UK is tolerant, cosmopolitan with a long history of welcoming people from abroad both as visitors and students.

  4. BulletWe are a small country easy to travel around and close to Europe. Visit all the historic places you have heard about.

  5. BulletThe  EU is the largest economic block in the world. English is the world business language. Suddenly we make more sense than other choices.

  6. BulletAccommodation standards are good and varied. Everything from staying with a British family to renting a family flat.

  7. BulletYou can extend your stay for up to 2 years after graduation to gain work experience.

  8. BulletIt is possible to work up to 20 hours a week whilst you are studying to earn extra money or just get extra experience.